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After four seasons of The Curse of Oak Island, I’m even more inclined to the view that any major treasure on the island is unlikely to be in the Money Pit. However, if there is a treasure on the island and it’s not in the Pit then it’s somewhere else, and there’s a heck of a lot of somewhere else! So, in this case, there may well have been a mechanism set in place to identify where it is.

I still feel that there may be a geometrical schema underlying the placing of the ground markers on the island incorporating the Money Pit itself, the Drilled Rocks, the Triangles and the Roadway etc., and that identifying this schema, or Ground Plan as I call it, might suggest a specific location for a potential deposit.

This is not a plug for my books on the mystery, it’s a straightforward observation on the failure of Oak Island treasure hunters to consider that the ingenuity employed at the Money Pit and Smith’s Cove might have extended to the surface markers. There's not a trace of such thinking in The Curse of Oak Island, and Triton Alliance simply refused to go there.

Why this idea is considered fanciful beats me, particularly when treasure hunters are prepared to believe in something at least equally fanciful. If one can believe in a treasure in the Money Pit protected by water then why not a treasure somewhere else protected by water?

It’s widely believed that there was a clearing, a tree and a tackle-block identifying the location of the Money Pit for anyone to find - a flashing neon light inviting all and sundry to ‘Dig Here’, with the added prompt, ‘And don’t look anywhere else’. It worked, and continues to do so.

What really seems to horrify everyone is the suggestion that someone might have left coded instructions for identifying the location of a treasure not in the Money Pit by using markers placed at significant points on the surface according to a structured Ground Plan.

The counter-claim seems to be that anyone with intelligence will know that this isn’t so, and that nobody with intelligence would credit that anyone, before the introduction of banks, would bury their valuables in a carefully concealed out of the way place and leave instructions for their heirs to find it.

Any potential indicators of a planned deposit are laughed out of court, because the intelligent individual will dismiss the possibility of the existence of such ‘treasure maps’. Furthermore, removal of such instructions from consideration is facilitated by labelling them as ‘pirate treasure maps’ even when this need not necessarily be the case.

My own work on the Oak Island ground markers presents a case for just such a geometrical schema overlaid on the island (potentially incorporating Nolan’s Cross, which intelligent people will dismiss) with an extended rhombus design appearing naturally ENE of the Money Pit. Furthermore, applying a structured and consistent method of decryption to five sets of instructions on maps dismissed as useless fancies reveals a pattern of seven points on this figure, each of the five known map instructions indicating a point within inches of its target location.

Needless to say, I may as well save my breath, because nobody with intelligence would ever concede that this might even be thinkable.

However, for the benefit of those, like me, with limited intelligence, a great deal of nonsense has been written about the so-called Palmer-Kidd maps, as evidenced by correspondence between Hubert Palmer and Harold T. Wilkins in my possession. The greatest offender was Anthony Howlett, whose cock-eyed version of events is held in high esteem by the intelligent researcher.

The maps are not pirate maps, and they have nothing to do with the William Kidd who was hanged for piracy. It’s my belief that although the pieces of paper need not be original the instructions written on them are, and that they do seem to apply to Oak Island.

I acknowledge that this cannot possibly be correct, because nobody with any intelligence would ever countenance the thought, let alone investigate it.

The smart thing is to continue to pour all your money into a bottomless pit that’s absorbed millions already and produced nothing for over 200 years. Whatever you do, don’t think the unthinkable. Just follow the crowd. That seems like the intelligent thing to do!

On the maps:

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