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PostPosted: 19 Oct 2015 7:59 pm 

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I’ve just published a book reassessing Alexander Thom’s suggestion that there could have been a megalithic unit of measure (the megalithic yard), and a geometrical design structure, applying to stone circles across the United Kingdom and Ireland, if not northwest Europe.

The book argues Thom’s case from an entirely different perspective, and is particularly critical of archaeology for not taking his suggestions anyway seriously enough.

Obviously, this prompts the old question - could archaeology’s model of the megalithic age be so drastically wrong? They’re convinced it’s not.

The book reflects on the great divide between archaeology and what archaeologists in the past have been pleased to refer to as the ‘lunatic fringe’, now widely labelled as pseudoarchaeology. This certainly includes me, and it may include you!

For anyone interested, the book is available through Amazon, and is the first of two volumes under the title When the Stones Talk Back: An Excursion into Pseudo-Archaeology.

In the UK:
In the US:


PostPosted: 09 Dec 2016 9:05 am 
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Not much response to this in nearly a whole year.

This is why I no longer frequent this forum much.

I'm doing work on Professor Thom's statistical analysis. Here is an incomplete web page - More work to follow.

I posted this on Facebook recently and got no response

Here is a film made by David Williams in 2005. He measured all the interesting places in the Aude Valley with GPS and declared to the world that there was no landscape geometry. However using HIS READINGS we find that the radius of the four of the circles shown below are within 9 YARDS of each other. I guess the 9 YARDS error is due to the fact that he couldn't get a GPS signal inside the church. The exception is circle 4 with a 90 yard error (in two miles) however Laval and Bezu churches are new and may not be the correct places. I have informed Mariano Tomatis (who used Williams' readings to do a hit piece on the theory) of this small error in the circles radius and he has ignored me constantly, despite me making a nuisance of myself (as you know I do that). When I informed David Williams of the circles small error he immediately removed his readings from the web- Too late, I'd already copied them. Incidently circle 5 is David Wood's extended pentacle surveyed using a theodolite (see Professor Thom with one) . He was a map surveyor by trade but what did he know Ay?

This picture is this one


Apparantly a 9 yard error over two miles taken from a GPS reading taken outside of the church where no signal can be received is considered proof that no Landscape Geometry exists.

This GPS reading was taken by a man who used to be on this forum but ran away when his conclusions were challenged and who removed his GPS readings from his website when he realized that his readings actually proved the very thing he was trying to discredit.

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