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PostPosted: 15 Apr 2014 10:39 pm 
Queen Bee
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Davinho wrote:
You seem to have a real problem with defining the term UFO. Let me try and be as clear as possible. It means something in the sky that the observer is not able to identify. IT. DOES. NOT. MEAN. ALIEN. SPACECRAFT

Do you believe we will find extraterrestrial LIFE (microbes, animals, plants,etc...) out there in space?

Is it possible?
and by the way Davinho don't put words in my mouth I said LIFE
Life comes in many forms but realize the Darwin's evolution talks about us starting at the microbe stage

I'm not putting words in your mouth, you do that pretty well yourself. You brought up microbes. Do you think these microbes are flying around in their own space craft? Why else bring them up unless you want to make an analogy that because mircobes may exist that therefore intelligent creatures are visiting this planet in flying craft.

Ahhhh now your admitting that you saw a UFO on Mount Bugarach...before it was a camera malfunction

I wasn't refering to the sun flare in my film on youtube I was refering to a "shooting star" I saw at night. The only reason I once thought that was something interesting in that film was three quarters of a bottle of Fleurie. Anyone with any sense can see it's lens flare.

What was it?

lens flare

I believe you saw a possible UFO and Bugarach is known for them

ok so despite being told it's lens flare, despite it following the direction of the camera, despite photographers I know saying "IT IS LENS FLARE", despite me not seeing anything at the time and depsite me being there and you not you're telling me what it is? I think it's now pretty clear how your mind works

It's ok I was just wondering if you changed your mind...."It's a lens flare"
But you did see something at night you can't explain...."shooting star"...possible UFO
on Bugarach

I believe We have discovered extraterrestrial life already within Mars Meteorites that have fallen to Earth. Scientists have written papers on them ....but others have argued ...contamination

here we have two scientists arguing

but as time goes on bit by bit
info is leaking out by the government

Exo planets are found Earth isn't alone in the universe
Mars has WATER

Moon has Water

long ago in school My teachers said there was no water on the moon or Mars
We just found Warm Water on Saturn's moon ... -enceladus

Where there is Water ....there is life

And hey the Vatican is on my page ... rial-life/

Our consciousness needs to be prepared when they give us the news ....that we are not alone.

Everything is Connected and there are no

PostPosted: 27 Oct 2014 1:56 pm 
High King
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I thought you guys might like this painting :- ... ml#vp30mkm


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